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Meet Impossible Jams:  Tinkering away down in the Westgate neighborhood of Columbus, we've been experimenting with your taste buds since 2013. 

We are Logan and Erika, and we never expected any of this.  Impossible Jams sprung from several conversations about foraging and utilitarianism, and not cluttering up the house, and all of a sudden we were running a jam business.  Neither of us had any family traditions centered around making jam, which probably accounts for our fresh takes on what makes a good edible spread.  It also doesn't hurt that we are passionate nerds who are not afraid to experiment. 

We work hard to make contrary combinations taste delicious with the freshest ingredients, attention to detail, love, punk rock ethos, mixed feelings, true collaboration, half-finished thoughts, and sheer unadulterated luck.

We love our fans, we love our customers, we love the zen of getting lost in prep work and production, but most of all we love coming up with flavor combinations you didn't even know you wanted.

We make the impossible not just possible, but spectacular.

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